Lallo's Pizza and Subs

Location: Brunswick, Maryland

   When this restaurant opened I was crazy about it.  The bread alone was worth the trip and the pizza?  Mmmmmm!

    But no more.

    Lallo's has gone so far downhill I actually have no hope of seeing it there for long.  On 2/26/2012 I ordered an Italian sub, a white pizza and 20 wings for $38.
    The sub was a complete disappointment.  The breasd was stale with a hint of a moldy taste.  And the meat?  What meat? Two slices of what tasted like bologna and so little cheese I'm not sure it was there at all.  To be 100% honest, I gave most of it to my dogs.
    The white pizza was a joke! All it consisted of was a regular cheese pizza without the sauce. Obviously, the current owners know nothing about the pizza making industry, or lack a computer to Google half decent recipes.

    I can only offer Lallo's one star because the wings we ordered were pretty good, but all in all, we felt we'd been robbed.


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