Sewing Room / Play Room

Whilst we’re still waiting to hear back from the council about our planning applications I’ve been having a think about another one of the rooms in the house.

Our son is currently using the smaller bedroom as his bedroom and the original plan was for him to move into the middle bedroom once the attic conversion was completed, but after chatting with him he has decided that he wants to stay in the smaller bedroom. Our son has Asperger’s and as a result of this he finds changes very difficult to cope with, even if it’s a positive change.

The smaller bedroom doesn’t have a lot of floor space, it does however have a cupboard and some of his toys are stored in there but the rest of his toys are currently in boxes under his bed, which isn’t ideal!

One way that we’ve thought of to give him a bit more room for his toys and for him in general was to create a multi-function room in the middle bedroom. I would be able to use it for my sewing and crafts and he would be able use it as a play room.

I’ve been playing around with Ikea’s on-line 3D planner to have a rough idea of what we could fit into the room –

Craft Room

I’m hoping that we could have a Billy Bookcase  or a Liatorp Bookcase each to store our toys and craft things and I’d be able to have my sewing machine in the corner of the room leaving quite a bit of floor space for him to play with his toys.

I’ve never had my own craft room before, I just usually work on the kitchen table. I’m really looking forward to being able to leave a half finished garment on my sewing table, I usually have to clear everything away whenever we need to use the dining table which is annoying to say the least!

If this will actually work in reality I’m not sure, but we’ll give it a try … fingers crossed it’ll work 🙂

Bedroom Cupboard

One of the things that we fell in love with when we came to view our house was the many original features. The inner front door has some beautiful original stained glass, the toilet under the stairs has a stained glass sash window and we have a very beautiful cupboard in our bedroom with original stained glass.

No.105 - Main Bedroom Cupboard

The previous owner of our house had for some reason decided to add some bathroom tiles to the inner walls of our bedroom cupboard and it looked awful!

Bedroom Cupboard 2

Last weekend I decided that I’d had enough of looking at the bathroom tiles and decided to try and renovate the cupboard. I managed to remove the tiles and sanded down the wood on the inside of the cupboard. As soon as I had applied the first coat of paint the cupboard was transformed 🙂 You can now see the stained glass properly, it stands out beautifully against the cream background.

Bedroom Cupboard 3

There’s such a difference between the before and after pictures 🙂

Bedroom Cupboard 4

I now love waking up every morning and looking at our beautiful cupboard 🙂 As for the artex on the walls, well that’s a different story! 😦

Planning Application

Whilst we were away on holiday last week our architect submitted our plans to our local council for planning permission. I’m so excited, or well I was until I realised that it takes about two months for them to make a decision 😦 I had no idea that it would take so long! I naively thought it would be about a few weeks. Why Why Why does it take soooo long??

I know that I have no option but to be patient but I just want to get on with our plans for the house, and in particular knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dinning room!

I know what the the final finished room will look like, I’ve visualised this room for such a long time …





3D Plans

When we received our initial plans from the architect last week I will admit it I was really struggling to visualise what the rooms would look like once the work was completed. However once I’d sat down and looked over the plans a few times they did become slightly clearer …  but what’s helped enormously are the 3-dimensional plans that the architect sent through this morning. WOW! What a difference! 🙂

Here’s the 2D version of the plan for the attic – Option Band here’s the 3D version  –Mt Annan Dr 002

Mt Annan Dr 001It’s like night and day looking at the 2D and 3D versiions of the plans! After seeing the 3D images of our completed loft and realising how fab it’ll look I really can’t wait until the plans are approved and we can get started 🙂


We’ve now got the initial plans from our architect for the attic and the kitchen / dining room and we’re so excited to see them 🙂 He’s sent over a few options for us for the attic room – Option A

Option A1

Option B

We weren’t sure which option to go for at first, with options A and A1 the staircase would  go upwards away from our current stairs which would give us a cupboard in the middle bedroom to replace the hall cupboard that we’ll lose in the upper hall whereas in option B the staircase would follow the original stairs which allows the area next to the dormer to be maximised.  We would however lose the cupboard in the middle bedroom and the upper hall if we went with option B.

After a lot of consideration we realised that even although option B will give us a very slightly smaller attic room the layout of the final room was better. The room is going to be used by my husband as a workshop but ultimately we’d like to be able to use it as a bedroom and we had to think about where we would be able to place the bedroom furniture. Option B just seemed to have a much better flow to it.

The plans for the removal of the wall between the kitchen and dining room downstairs were fairly straight forward –

Ground Floor

Now that we’ve made a decision on which initial plan option to go for the next step is to draw up the plans in more details and to apply for a building warrant.

We’re really excited and just can’t wait to get started on our renovation project 🙂



Colour Schemes

I love love LOVE Pinterest! You can create your own digital mood-board for any project and every project and believe you me I do have a board for every project!

At the moment I’m trying to choose some colour schemes for the house and I can be found quite often drooling over some gorgeous kitchens 🙂

Here’s some of the kitchens that I’m currently loving …

Slate shaker kitchen, howdens

grey shaker kitchen

charcoal kitchen

sage kitchen

My favourite wall colours just now are Inchrya Blue and Oval Room Blue, both are Farrow and Ball paint colours. I love their paints,  the depth of colour is just fabulous and the colour changes during the day with the different light reflecting off them.

Inchrya Blue                                                       Oval Room Blue

inchrya blue Oval Room Blue

As you can guess I’m currently favouring some quite dark wall colours and kitchens, what are your current colour schemes?


As we’ve never undertaken this sort of work previously we didn’t have a clue where to start when it was time to look for an architect, but we were recommended one by one of the mum’s from our son’s school, they had employed him whilst extending their house and were really pleased with how it all went. We had a brief chat with Davide on the phone and he came round to the house one evening to have a proper look at the house and to find out more about what we’d like to do to the property, and to see if it was feasible. Thankfully Davide didn’t foresee any problems.

The next step was for him to carry out a detailed survey of the whole house and to draw up preliminary plans for our conversion.

Davide came out earlier on in the week to carry out the survey and we’re now patiently waiting on him getting back to us with some preliminary plans, I can’t wait to see them 🙂