Bedroom Cupboard

One of the things that we fell in love with when we came to view our house was the many original features. The inner front door has some beautiful original stained glass, the toilet under the stairs has a stained glass sash window and we have a very beautiful cupboard in our bedroom with original stained glass.

No.105 - Main Bedroom Cupboard

The previous owner of our house had for some reason decided to add some bathroom tiles to the inner walls of our bedroom cupboard and it looked awful!

Bedroom Cupboard 2

Last weekend I decided that I’d had enough of looking at the bathroom tiles and decided to try and renovate the cupboard. I managed to remove the tiles and sanded down the wood on the inside of the cupboard. As soon as I had applied the first coat of paint the cupboard was transformed 🙂 You can now see the stained glass properly, it stands out beautifully against the cream background.

Bedroom Cupboard 3

There’s such a difference between the before and after pictures 🙂

Bedroom Cupboard 4

I now love waking up every morning and looking at our beautiful cupboard 🙂 As for the artex on the walls, well that’s a different story! 😦

Planning Application

Whilst we were away on holiday last week our architect submitted our plans to our local council for planning permission. I’m so excited, or well I was until I realised that it takes about two months for them to make a decision 😦 I had no idea that it would take so long! I naively thought it would be about a few weeks. Why Why Why does it take soooo long??

I know that I have no option but to be patient but I just want to get on with our plans for the house, and in particular knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dinning room!

I know what the the final finished room will look like, I’ve visualised this room for such a long time …