We Have a Dry House!

We’re wind and water tight!

After a soggy long wait we have now managed to have our roof repaired, which means a dry house! For some reason we seemed to have a lot of trouble trying to find someone who could repair our roof for us, and well as doing it for a reasonable price.

Now that the house is wind and water tight we can make a start on the middle bedroom. We had started on this room a few months ago but we had to stop until we got the roof repaired. We need to get the room plastered and decorated and then we can get on with exciting bit of sorting out my new craft room / play room for our son 🙂

Craft Room


Sewing Room / Play Room

Whilst we’re still waiting to hear back from the council about our planning applications I’ve been having a think about another one of the rooms in the house.

Our son is currently using the smaller bedroom as his bedroom and the original plan was for him to move into the middle bedroom once the attic conversion was completed, but after chatting with him he has decided that he wants to stay in the smaller bedroom. Our son has Asperger’s and as a result of this he finds changes very difficult to cope with, even if it’s a positive change.

The smaller bedroom doesn’t have a lot of floor space, it does however have a cupboard and some of his toys are stored in there but the rest of his toys are currently in boxes under his bed, which isn’t ideal!

One way that we’ve thought of to give him a bit more room for his toys and for him in general was to create a multi-function room in the middle bedroom. I would be able to use it for my sewing and crafts and he would be able use it as a play room.

I’ve been playing around with Ikea’s on-line 3D planner to have a rough idea of what we could fit into the room –

Craft Room

I’m hoping that we could have a Billy Bookcase  or a Liatorp Bookcase each to store our toys and craft things and I’d be able to have my sewing machine in the corner of the room leaving quite a bit of floor space for him to play with his toys.

I’ve never had my own craft room before, I just usually work on the kitchen table. I’m really looking forward to being able to leave a half finished garment on my sewing table, I usually have to clear everything away whenever we need to use the dining table which is annoying to say the least!

If this will actually work in reality I’m not sure, but we’ll give it a try … fingers crossed it’ll work 🙂

Getting Started …

We’ve been living in the house now for around six weeks and we couldn’t wait to get things moving on our proposed plans for the attic and the kitchen / dining room downstairs. We’re not adverse to the odd bit of home improvement, but we’ve never undertaken taken a project of this size before.

The one thing that we did make a start on was our son’s bedroom. He’s currently in the smaller of the bedrooms but will move into the middle-sized room eventually. When we viewed the house prior to buying it the middle bedroom had wooden flooring, but when we returned for a second viewing we discovered that the wooden flooring did not cover the whole floor. The previous owner had installed the flooring once she had erected the wardrobes, and the flooring had been lain up to, and not under, the wardrobes!

The bedroom had been decorated with wood-chip wallpaper and then painted. It had to go! However when we started to remove the wallpaper some of the plaster came away with the old paper. We sort of expected this, but what we didn’t expect was that some of the plaster had become ‘blown’ and this was due to water ingress from the roof 😦

Middle Bedroom

The home report carried out on the house prior to purchase did indicate that we should get someone to check the roof out but we didn’t quite expect the estimate for the roof repair to be quite so high. The estimate came in at just under £4000! 😦  The roof repair was going to make quite a dent in our funds for the renovations. We naively thought the estimate would be approximately £500 to £1000 … how wrong were we!!