Getting Started …

We’ve been living in the house now for around six weeks and we couldn’t wait to get things moving on our proposed plans for the attic and the kitchen / dining room downstairs. We’re not adverse to the odd bit of home improvement, but we’ve never undertaken taken a project of this size before.

The one thing that we did make a start on was our son’s bedroom. He’s currently in the smaller of the bedrooms but will move into the middle-sized room eventually. When we viewed the house prior to buying it the middle bedroom had wooden flooring, but when we returned for a second viewing we discovered that the wooden flooring did not cover the whole floor. The previous owner had installed the flooring once she had erected the wardrobes, and the flooring had been lain up to, and not under, the wardrobes!

The bedroom had been decorated with wood-chip wallpaper and then painted. It had to go! However when we started to remove the wallpaper some of the plaster came away with the old paper. We sort of expected this, but what we didn’t expect was that some of the plaster had become ‘blown’ and this was due to water ingress from the roof 😦

Middle Bedroom

The home report carried out on the house prior to purchase did indicate that we should get someone to check the roof out but we didn’t quite expect the estimate for the roof repair to be quite so high. The estimate came in at just under £4000! 😦  The roof repair was going to make quite a dent in our funds for the renovations. We naively thought the estimate would be approximately £500 to £1000 … how wrong were we!!




I love our new house, and being a Victorian house it’s full of wonderful features –

Bedroom Cupboard

This cupboard with the beautiful stained glass is in our bedroom


Stained Glass on Cupboard

A closer look at the stained glass



The moulding of the cornice in the hall is stunning

Future Plans

There’s a few things that we know that we’d like to do to our new home. We’d like to convert the attic and open up the back of the house by knocking down some internal walls.

Our current house is open plan at the back comprising of a snug room, kitchen and dining area and it works fantastically well for modern family living and we’d really like to replicate it in our new house if we can. Here’s the floor plan of our new house. We’d like to knock the wall down between the dining room and the family room. This would allow us to have a kitchen in one half of the space, a snug in the other and a dining area in the middle. We’d like to make what is currently the kitchen into a utility room. It should be fairly easy, fingers crossed, to knock down the internal wall as long as we speak to the right people and support the rooms above! (famous last words!)

Floor Plan





My husband Blair and I picked up the keys to our forever family home on the 28th April 2017. It was such an exciting and stressful day but number 105 is finally ours 🙂

Number 105 is a 3 bed Victorian semi-villa. We’re planning to convert the loft and to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to open up the back of the house.

We will have to renovate the house a stage at a time as we have a fixed budget for both projects.

I’m so looking forward to seeing our house transformed into our forever home.